NanoMaster Project Partners to Speak at INC Conference 2015
Nanomasters project partners Promolding, Imerys Graphite & Carbon and The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) announced to speak at INC 2015 (Industrial Nanocomposites Conference), an international conference taking place 24th – 25th November 2015 at SpOrt Stuttgart, Germany. 


INC 2015 will explore the current and future use of nanocomposites in a variety of applications, defining the challenges being faced in mass production, use and future innovations. This makes it very relevant to the aims of the NanoMaster Project, which are to reduce the of reducing both inputs used in production and final weight and cost of components, whilst imparting electrical and thermal functionality, by optimising nanocomposite processing parameters. 

 The development of the next generation of graphene-reinforced nano-intermediate that can be used in existing high-throughput plastic component production processes, is an example of the application of innovative nanocomposites. 

Presentations include Daniel Vlasveld of Promolding discussing ‘Injection Moulding with Nanocomposites’ under the topic ‘Processing and Manufacturing’. Additionally, Daniele Bonacchi of Imerys Graphite and Carbon will speak on ‘C-Therm as a Functional Additive for Thermal Conductivity Enhancement’ under the topic ‘What Nanocomposites Can Do’, and Gordon Fern of The IOM (Institute of Occupational Medicine) will present on ‘Working With Graphene in the Industrial Environment – Potential Exposure Risks to Nanoplatelets in Conventional and Additive Manufacturing’ under the topic of ‘Commercialisation’. 

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