NanoMaster Partners Speak at INC 2015

NanoMaster Partners Speak at INC 2015

 Three NanoMaster Project partners are due to speak at INC (Industrial Nanocomposites Conference) on the 24th-25th November in Stuttgart, Germany, to mark the end of the 4 year project.

The project aimed to deliver multifunctional thermoplastics with enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity alongside the desired levels of mechanical performance. Presentations at the conference will discuss how this was achieved through the development of next generation graphene-reinforced nano-intermediates that can be used in existing high-throughput plastic component production processes.

 NanoMaster speakers at INC 2015 are:

  • Daniele Bonacchi, Imerys Graphite and Carbon,

C-Therm as a Functional Additive for Thermal Conductivity Enhancement.

  • Daniel Vlasveld, Promolding,

Injection Moulding with Nanocomposites.

  • Gordon Fern, Institute of Occupational Medicine,

Working With Graphene in the Industrial Environment – Potential Exposure Risks to Nanoplatelets in Conventional and Additive Manufacturing.


Registration costs just £350.00 with a student rate of £275.00.

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