NanoMaster Partners Speak at INC 2015

Publication Date: 21st October 2015

Three NanoMaster Project partners are due to speak at INC (Industrial Nanocomposites Conference) on the 24th-25th November in Stuttgart, Germany, to mark the end of the 4 year project.


NanoMaster Project Partners to Speak at INC Conference 2015

Publication Date: July 2015

Nanomasters project partners Promolding, Imerys Graphite & Carbon and The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) announced to speak at INC 2015 (Industrial Nanocomposites Conference), an international conference taking place 24th – 25th November 2015 at SpOrt Stuttgart, Germany.


NanoMaster Project Optimises Processes and Up-Scaling for Graphene Delivery

Publication Date: 19th September 2014

As it enters its final phase, the NanoMaster Project is reporting exciting results related to graphene and expanded graphite production and the development of novel nanocomposite intermediates.


Paper: Effect of the number of layers of graphene on the electrical properties of TPU polymers

Publication Date: 22nd August 2014

In this paper graphene and few layers graphene were synthesized by a modified Hummers method using flake graphite powders as the starting material. The effect of the incorporation of graphene on the electrical properties of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) was investigated via two processing techniques: solution blending and melt compounding. When solution blending is used for the preparation of composites, the obtained electrical conductivity is higher, even at very low loads (0,25% w/w). Moreover, the single layer graphene shows 10.000 times higher electrical conductivity than few layers graphene.

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European Project NanoMaster Develops Expanded Graphite for Direct Graphene Production

European Project NanoMaster Develops Expanded Graphite for Direct Graphene Production

Publication Date: 18/12/2012

The NanoMaster project has developed new grades of expanded graphite which have been used to produce high-quality graphene.