Röchling Automotive Group (Rochling)

The Röchling Automotive Group is a global partner to automotive manufacturers and system suppliers, with 19 manufacturing plants, spread across four continents. The Group has two R&D locations:

  • The Laives (Italy) development site is focused on air flow management and thermal management. This includes engine air intake, interior air intake and engine cooling compartments.
  • At the Worms (Germany) development site the focus is on vehicle acoustics, aerodynamics and lightweight construction products. This includes products such as body undershields, wheel arch liners and controllable air ducts.

Röchling will be involved in the definition of materials, base polymers and in the decision on the part/parts they will produce with this new material, together with specifications. They will be involved in production of intermediate materials for mass production techniques, assessing compliancy verification on samples, masterbatch tuning and target features verification (conductivity, emissivity, ...). They will also be active in the moulding tasks, and in addition to test tools, they can provide real tools in order to verify processability for injection-moulding, blow-moulding or compression moulding techniques.

The staff member profile for this project will be:

  • Dr. Francesca Brunori: project leadership for Röchling
  • Dr. Fabrizio Chini, supported by other members (lab, process technicians) according to the project needs