Promolding BV is an innovative company that transforms high-performance polymer technology into industrialized applications. Promolding offers its customers the whole sequence from product design, via (new) materials and process development, to manufacturing, including automation. Promolding is very active in the use of new and high-tech materials such as biodegradable materials and technical plastics with additional functionalities such as electrical conductivity and heat conductivity.

Promolding focuses on markets for high performance applications such as aircraft industry, medical devices industry, special-machine building, sensor technology and the electronics industry. In these markets there is always a strong demand for new materials with higher stiffness and strength and additional functionalities such as EMI shielding, antistatic behaviour, wear resistance, low permeability and heat dissipation.

During the last 13 years Promolding has worked (and still works) together in many national and EU-funded research programmes, such as Esprit, Ecobinders, PolyCond, Hipermoulding, GAIM gas assisted injection moulding, HYJECT: Hybrid injection moulding, MICRO-Milling, HiFlow and CONTACT CNT-filled polymer composite research and training project.

The role of Promolding in this project will include pilot scale compounding, design and production of demo products and test tools, injection moulding experiments and analysis of the mechanical and electrical properties.

Promolding was awarded the ‘Materials Engineering Award 2007’ of the Netherlands for its extinguished contribution to the dissemination of polymer knowledge through issuing the ‘Promolding Material Coin” every month.

The main staff members who will be undertaking the work are:

  • Jac. Gofers, CEO: He got his masters education in Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven (NL) and graduated in 1980. With more than 27 years of technological and managerial experience, Jac. will be one of the key members in the Promolding team.
  • Rik Knoppers, Senior Innovation Technologist: Studied Precision Engineering in Hilversum (NL) and graduated in the area of Mechatronics. Worked at TNO Institute of Industrial Technology in the area of product development and on the introduction of new technologies in the machine shop. Formed and managed TNO Industrial Prototyping, prior to becoming Senior Innovation Technologist and Technology Manager of TNO Industrial Technology Rik is responsible for innovations at Promolding and technical project leader of a number of product and process development projects.
  • Daniel Vlasveld, Senior Polymer Researcher: Daniel Vlasveld has worked since 2006 at Promolding on material development. He has more than 10 years with nanocomposites, ranging from layered silicate nanocomposites (PhD project), carbon nanotubes and exfoliated graphite to cellulose bionanocomposites.  At Promolding he is as materials specialist involved in new product development and he is the Project Manager for all material related research projects. Main research subjects are electrically conductive nanocomposites, bio-(nano)composites, heat conductive composites and self reinforced polymers.