MB Proto

MB Proto, founded in 1999, is a SME involved in rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing in France. It is a subsidiary company (98% of the shares) of MMB. MB Proto is a SME of 12 persons, owned by the Desjonquères family. It has a turnover of 1.5 million Euro (2009).

Activities are directed toward the making of prototype plastics and metallic parts as well as production and prototype moulds for all sectors activity, mainly for automotive, aeronautic and luxury products. MB Proto is active both on professional and public markets in the following sectors: luxury products, automotive, transport, aeronautics, telecommunications, plastic industries and in the household and packaging industries. The production processes include SLA, SLS, SLM, vacuum silicon moulding and 3D CNC high speed machining. The MB Proto design office has licences for 5 different CAD systems.

The main tasks that MB Proto will be involved in are:

  • WP4: Production of Intermediate Materials. Production of Final wt% Compounds, Production of Materials in Required Form, tests and characterization.
  • WP6: Additive Manufacturing Techniques. Production using nano-composite via Selective Laser Sintering. Tests and characterization.
  • WP 7: Demonstration manufacturing. Detailed Part Specification of Selective laser Sintering Component. Perform the Technical and commercial Evaluation of Prototype Parts.

MB Proto has recently performed the formulation (integration of filler) of one specific powder on one of their SLS machines which is dedicated to research. They investigated the process variables, performed mechanical tests and thermal characterization to obtain the required parts specifications.

Staff members that will be involved in this project are:

  • Mme France DESJONQUERES, Managing Director of MB Proto 10 years experience of European project in Additive prototyping and manufacturing.
  • Mr Eric BAUSTERT, Material engineer. Responsible of R&D activities and SLM department with experience of compounding, formulation and nano-powder.
  • Frédérique GROSSET, Responsible of prototyping and Research activities. 12 years of knowledge in SLA and SLS development and setting.
  • Clément BARRET, R&D technician with significant experience for industrialization of additive technologies.