Lati is among the most important European manufacturers of technical thermoplastics compounds for engineering purposes.

Its range of products includes high-performance materials, special compounds, self-extinguishing materials, highly reinforced, thermal and or electrical conductive, self lubricated products. The product range is made up of 2500 formulations, according to the demand. It researches and internally develops materials which are then exported all over the world through its sales network and exploited in electric, electronic, industrial and automotive sector.

In the last 5 years Lati has been working in developing innovating materials (for example thermal or electrically conductive compounds) using specific nanofillers. Product development is supported by a particular technology innovation that supports the promotions of new materials. New formulations with high loading levels of ceramics powders, CNT or clays have been created for special purposes and functionalities (for example to increase thermal conductivity or X ray shielding or density).

For the NanoMaster project Lati will work on the development innovative products and technical compounds and masterbatches specific for the development of new application sectors such as alternative energies, medical and leisure. Lati is specifically interested in nano-structural materials able to reduce the density of material maintaining good mechanical characteristics, as well as substitution of traditional material (such as metal) with thermoplastics in new applications to bring benefits in terms of cost.

Technical staff that will participate in the project:

  • Loredana Mercante: University degree in Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science Master. She works for LATI as R&D Director to coordinate the new product developments
  • Francesco Manarini: University Degree in Materials Engineering. From 2004 works for LATI as R&D assistant specialized in developing high performance compounds.
  • Alessio Portentoso: University Degree in Materials Engineering. He is in charge of the Eastern France and Benelux markets for LATI SpA and his task is to support the development of all the new applications.
  • Elio Tibiletti: Degree in Plastic Science. From 1976 he works for LATI as R&D Formulation Director specialized in flame retardant compounds.
  • Cristiano Citterio: University degree in Industrial Chemistry. He works for LATI since 1998 as Regulatory Affairs Manager, REACh team leader and R&D assistant.
  • Francesco Mazzitelli: Degree in Plastic Science, he works for LATI as Process technologist.
  • Luca Posca: University degree in Chemical Engineering: He is the coordinator of  Technical Marketing, Project development service and Co-design activities.