IOM is one of Europe’s largest independent centre of expertise in occupational and environmental health, hygiene and risk, and has a track-record in the area of nanomaterials safety. IOM co-founded the Safety of Nanomaterials Interdisciplinary Research Centre (SnIRC), and leads the SAFENANO Initiative, to address the many uncertainties about the potential risks to health and the environment arising from exposure to nanomaterials. IOM was the coordinator of the FP6 project Particle_Risk and a collaborator or coordinator in 9 FP7 projects involving nanoparticle risk issues, including 2 large-scale industry-led NMP projects (Nancore and Electrograph) where we lead the health and safety workpackages.

IOM will lead the workpackage assessing the environment, health and safety aspects of graphene-reinforced plastics in the project, including an evaluation of the potential hazards, exposures, and the risk management measures associated with the development processes and anticipated use and disposal of the materials, as follows:

  • Identifying and characterising relevant exposure scenarios in the development, processing, anticipated downstream use(s) and disposal relevant to the project;
  • Identifying and advising on best practice to limit and control exposure in these scenarios;
  • Quantifying exposure in these scenarios, including measurements from the simulation of particle-release;
  • Carrying out hazard assessments of selected nanomaterials in the context of data from in vitro and in vivo assays;
  • Packaging the aforementioned outputs into a risk assessment / safe working practice guide for dissemination.

The key member of staff involved in the project will be:

  • Gordon Fern, Consultant Scientist, Strategic Consulting