The Danish Technological Institute is an independent, non-profit institution addressing the needs of the industrial sector and society as a whole through the development and dissemination of technological innovation. The Institute comprises seven divisions representing the areas where we develop, apply and transfer our knowledge in business and technology. Materials and Production is a cross functional area that supports several industry sectors with high technology production and innovative products. The division has been involved in many national and European projects including four current FP7 projects.

DTI is the founder of the Danish national network for additive manufacturing where the members are universities and industry. Furthermore DTI is in the board of RM platform which is a sub-platform of Manufuture. The section of Additive Manufacturing holds five AM technologies: SLM, SLS, SLA, FDM and MJM. For research and documentation DTI also has a CT scanner, 3D scanner and numerous machines for testing and characterization of materials.

The main tasks that DTI will be involved in are:

  • Investigation of the possible integration of graphene within the different AM technologies (most of the traditional AM technologies are represented through the partners)
  • Adaptations & development of the AM processes to incorporate the material into them.
  • Testing of the produced parts to determine the mechanical, thermal and electrical proprieties.
  • Manufacture of the matrix
  • Design manual for the integration of graphene in the products.
  • Production manual about how to integrate the graphene material into the production. (Parameters for the machines.)
  • Develop procedures and standards for handling the material in a safety manner
  • Tests production of electrical wires into the SLS nylon based parts.
  • Dissemination of project results through RM platform

DTI has 21 years of experience with the AM technologies and holds competences and experiences in integrating new materials in the processes. This is done by modifications of both hardware and software in the machines. DTI is in close cooperation with the industry and has a deep understanding of how to adapt technologies in respond of the needs of the respective companies and applications. In close cooperation with customers DTI develop new products for Additive Manufacturing processes. This is in regard of product design, optimizing of functionalities and material properties, cost reduction etc. DTI is innovative and successful in optimizing building parameters for cellular structures and for lightweight components and components with internal acoustic damping. DTI is project leader of the FP7-project Compolight.

DTI furthermore works in Standardising of the AM processes for documentation.

The main staff members who will be undertaking the work are:

  • Mr. Olivier Jay; head of section in regard to Additive Manufacturing
  • Mr. Søren Skov Bording; Business Development Engineer and project leader
  • Mr. Klaus Højbjerre; physicist and holds a PhD degree in laser technology
  • Mr. Jeppe Byskov-Nielsen; physicist and holds a PhD degree in laser technology
  • Mr. Christian Perti; Mechanical Engineer and specialist in SLM and SLS systems