Avanzare is a SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) which produces high-performance nanomaterials and nanotechnology-based solutions used in a wide range of products for everyday life. Most of Avanzare nanomaterials and nanocomposites are multifunctional, giving as a result systems combining 2 or several properties such as fire resistant, anti-scratch, conductivity & antistatic, hardness, wear resistance, anti UV, anti IR, bactericides, fungicides and anti-mould, stain resistance, superhydrophobic, superlipophobic, anti-odour, improvement properties of polymer and rubber.

In this project, Avanzare will be responsible for the production, development and functionalization of nanographene for being introduced in polymers.

Avanzare has a great experience in carrying out R&D projects, including NANOSCRATCH and TERMALCON in the 7th Framework Programme. Avanzare is a member of the networks GOSPEL, Nanoret, Nanospain, as well as the Technological Platforms EUMAT and EUMAT-Spain.

The two most relevant people who will work in the project are:

  • Julio Gomez Cordón, Director. PhD in Chemistry, Univ. of La Rioja.
  • Javier Pérez Martínez, R&D Responsible. PhD in Chemistry, Univ. of La Rioja.