Aimplas, Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, is a private, non-profit Association with about 400 associated companies (the majority of them SMEs). Aimplas has offered its services to the Plastic industry sector since 1990 and, nowadays, has a permanent staff of 110 people. Aimplas’ fields of work are related to technological research and development on plastic materials & products and its transformation processes. Aimplas has a lot of knowledge and experience in compounding and processing of nanocomposites, using both conventional oil based polymers and biopolymers

Aimplas has wide experience referring to nanocomposites. From the processing point of view, some additional considerations must be taken into account comparing to micrometric fillers. Aimplas has all the equipment needed for safely processing nanoparticles. Aimplas’ pilot plant includes facilities for handling, dosing and metering nanomaterials into the compounding process. Twin screw extruders are placed in a closed room with exhaust ventilation system. These facilities allow the study of all the processing parameters that affect nanocomposites properties like good particle dispersion or good electrical conductivity. High quality compounds have been obtained in AIMPLAS in research projects like Polycond, ESPRIT and Pegasus.

Furthermore, Aimplas has a wide experience in RTD projects. Nowadays, Aimplas is involved in 24 European projects and has participated in 35 projects during the IV, V, VI and VII FPs. The projects directly related to this proposal and developed in the last 5 years are:

  • International Projects: FP6 NMP PEGASUS, FP6 NMP POLYCOND, FP7 ESPRIT, EACI CIP Eco-innovation RECYTUBE
  • National projects: SUPIN, COIMPLA, BIPOLAR

Aimplas’ main tasks in the NanoMaster project will be the definition of polymer grades and case studies, compounding and dispersion of nanographenes, support in the pilot scale tests and materials production, participation in injection moulding and film extrusion, dissemination and exploitation.

The research group of Aimplas will be co-ordinated by:

  • Mrs. Concha Sanz Box, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Deputy Director of Aimplas since 1990. She is responsible for the Technical Area.

Main researchers:

  • Ms.  Begoña Galindo, Materials Engineer, working in the Compounding department since 2005.
  • Mr Miguel Angel Valera, Chemical Engineer, working in the Compounding Department since 2003.
  • Mrs Ana Espert, PhD in Polymer Technology by the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on polypropylene/cellulose fibres composites, working in the Extrusion Department since 2005.
  • Mrs. Amaya Ortega, PhD in Polymer Science, working in the Materials Department since 2005.